SOKOL Malopolska Province Culture Centre in Nowy Sacz (abbr. in Polish MCK SOKÓŁ) is the organizer of Ada Sari International Vocal Artistry Festival And Competition.

MCK SOKÓŁ had been operating since 1975 as Culture Centre of Nowy Sącz Province and since November 1999 has been existing under the current name. The name “SOKÓŁ” refers to the history and tradition of SOKOL Gymnastic Society, of which the old historical building became the institution seat in 1993. This impressive building, thanks to fundamental modernization and development finished in 2004, allows to produce various spectacles and concerts requiring the highest technical standards (the theatre and philharmonic hall, concert hall, cinema, etc.). Since November 2007 the biggest hall named after Lucjan Lipinski has been equipped with 51-voice concert organs. 

The mission of MCK SOKÓŁ is:

  • preserving and promoting cultural heritage,
  • inspiration to undertaking active forms of participating in culture,
  • forming cultural competence,
  • promoting Malopolska Province heritage within Carpathian region cultural context.

Spreading professional art in clear and attractive form is fulfilling the mission of forming cultural competence. One of major actions undertaking by MCK SOKOL is the popularization of music of many epochs and styles. It's being done by organizing both single concerts and recitals as well as more complex music festivals, also international:

  • Ada Sari International Vocal Artistry Festival and Competition,
  • FUN & CLASSIC International Festival of Virtuosity and Music Fun,
  • L’ARTE ORGANICA Festival of Organ Music,
  • IUBILAEI CANTUS Festival of Choral Music.

The MCK SOKÓŁ building also allows to produce various forms of drama and music theatres.

Malopolska Evenings (since 2004) – it's a series of concerts, opera and drama spectacles performed by professional art ensembles. Nearly 80 cultural events of Malopolska Evenings have been organized within past 4 years. The offer of the series combines both classical and contemporary opera and drama theatre, comedy shows, monodramas, symphonic, chamber and jazz concerts. In Nowy Sacz Malopolska Evenings have become the sign of important, interesting and well produced cultural events presenting high artistic level.

SOKOL Malopolska Province Culture Centre is the organizer of dozens of cultural events (international, domestic and regional) each year – festivals, concerts, recitals, opera and theatre shows, competitions. MCK SOKÓŁ also owns an art gallery, that yearly organizes about 12 exhibitions of painting, photo and other forms of visual arts. 

Look for detailed information about MCK SOKÓŁ at www.mcksokol.pl.